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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok so what's new? Well here is a list of badass things I've done that I'm really only listing to make you jealous. I don't know if I've already mentioned some of these things before, but frankly I don't care if I have or not.

1. I got to go to Become A Pilot day and see a bunch of vintage planes. There was a flying circus/wing walker dude with a huge unibrow that I got a picture with, and I also had this pilot force me to take a picture by his plane while repeating the words, "This is mine."

2. I went to the zoo where I saw an orangutan literally eat feces, throw up, eat his throw up, throw THAT up and then eat it again. The 10 year old boys and I with our noses against the glass had a good laugh. What's weird to think about though is that we're so closely related to that animal behind the glass. That's like practically my cousin in there. I can't wait till aliens in the future put us, humans in zoos. We totally deserve it.

3. I saw a dude, all by himself, dressed up as Benjamin Franklin just sitting on a bench for no reason. He had no sign. He had no entourage. He was just a lonely old man in a costume. The 4th of July brought out all kinds of crazies. By mid afternoon I was so annoyed with all the people and patriotic hooplah, and as soon as I heard the airforce band start to play "I'm proud to be an American" I booked it to the metro, went home and watched the reflection of the fireworks in the building across the street from my balcony. America makes me kind of sick.

4. I went to see Nobunny play at Black Cat where a 17 year old kid tried to hit on me. While waiting for the metro on my way home I had to explain to a Minnesota 50 year old and his 30 year old gopher wife that punk still exists after he told me not to yawn "cause it's contagious! Ya, ever heard that before?" Of course I've heard that, jackass.

I just got off work. I'll finish this later.

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